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We are a full-service design agency for the digital age.  Not just creative, but business minded with an understanding of the world ahead, ready to help our clients move confidently forward!


Founder | Lead Designer

Having grown up in mid-western Michigan I learned the value of a strong work ethic at an early age.  Project management was my education as I helped my family design and build homes from the age of eight all the way through college.  I received a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration with minors in Bible and Music from Lee University in 2003.  Then finding success in sales through my natural leadership abilities and genuine personal approach.  Completing BB&T's Leadership Development program I entered the world of Commercial Lending, honing my business skills.  Bringing that experience internal then to build and develop the systems and processes used in commercial lending; quality control and project management at the heart of it all. 


I enjoy volunteering; leading projects with Love Out Loud, United Way, BB&T Lighthouse Project, and many others over the years.  I now sit in an advisory capacity for the Values Foundation and the New Canaan Society Winston-Salem, NC chapter.  I've also participated in events with the Quo Vadis Institute of Salzburg, Austria.  But you might ask, what does all of that have to do with graphic and web design? 


Through my leadership training I learned something about myself which until that point had only been expressed, but never defined.  My Myers-Briggs personality profile is INFJ.  We are a unique group as INFJ males make up less than 1% of the population.  We have the ability to use both sides of our brain at the same time; being both creative and analytical.  We are big picture visionaries with an eye for detail like no one else.  And, everything we do has to serve others, because we must find meaning in our work.  We are future-oriented innovators with the ability to foresee and develop, always thinking about long-term possibilities.  You might recognize the names of other INFJ males like; Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr.  It was upon this realization that I began to understand my capacity.


Looking for an opportunity to express my creative side I self-studied graphic design and with the first ask for a website, Billings Consulting & Design was born. I now bring all that I am to my clients with a passion to serve their needs.  As a full-service agency our team of creatives and techies support the effort to bring your vision into a reality.  All because we want to help you succeed!   

Brandon S.L. Billings


meet our team
the founder

Morgan Schultz

Art & Graphics

Morgan was born in Hampton, Virginia - August 1986. Growing up with two artists as parents, he was fortunate enough to be immersed in a rich atmosphere of theatrical performance and dance.  An avid cinephile - Morgan later studied Motion Picture Editing and Sound at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2008.  When he is not hiking in the mountains of North Carolina with his wife and two children; Morgan works as a Motion Graphics Artist and 3D animator - whittling away his hours in vivid detail.

David Phillips(1).jpg

David Phillips

Marketing & Strategy

Info Coming Soon...  Just wait till you hear what he can do!


Daniel Kim

Cybersecurity & Consulting

Daniel is a professional management consultant with years of experience in the global arena with a focus on delivering strategic business initiatives. Positioning expert and former advisor to executives and international delegates, he played a key role as a facilitator and tactical planner within result- driven transcontinental operations environment. He also consulted for the largest software company in the world assisting senior executives on strategic incubation and worldwide deployment projects.

Daniel was involved in global corporations providing consulting services such as international governance, business transformation, positioning strategy, multi-territory marketing initiatives, sales excellence, eGovernment process implementation, and eCommerce B2B alliances.

In the not-for-profit space, Daniel was involved in high level organizational activities by helping develop business plans, build global infrastructure, and by advising statesmen and delegates all the while streamlining efforts to prioritize the Digital Divide discussion.

After his time working in the inter-government agency and a prosperous high-tech company, Daniel founded 714 Consulting – a firm that functions with a set of core values putting Integrity and Authenticity above all. His business philosophy of putting People “far above” Process and Tools is proving to work by signs of steady growth and market share gains.

Daniel is born into a rich Asian heritage, but grew up in the heart of the European region, until he moved to study in the American academic system. This background makes him multi-cultural and multi-lingual, proficient and natural in an unusually wide spectrum of multi-lateral and cross-functional relationships.

Recently, Daniel has begun partnering with his inner circle
comprised of global influencers and connectors to focus on relational approach to global peace and congruence of technology. His heartbeat for the convergence of Next Generation servant leaders in Europe, Asia, and America continues to grow...

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