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At Gideon Arms our purpose is to arm men and women physically, spiritually, and  intellectually.  To eliminate fear, empowering in wisdom.  We believe the Bible is the Word of God and support the Constitution of the United States of America.  We also believe that not only does everyone's life matter but they have a right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness no matter their race sex or social class!  We believe that these rights are inalienable but must be protected through hard work and standing up for what is right from time to time. 


In Judges 7, God selects Gideon’s army… and in a pretty unique way. There were 32,000 men to begin with, and 22,000 of them that were afraid, so when given the chance they chose to retreat from the opportunity of battle. Of the 10,000 that were left God asked Gideon to watch how they drank water. The larger group stuck their head in the water and lapped it up like a dog. But there were 300 who cupped their hands and brought the water to their mouth. Why did God choose this group to do battle? Because they were not afraid, and even more so, they were experienced, wise and intelligent. When they did not put their head down and lap like dog it was because they knew the danger around the water hole. What if there were dangerous animals nearby, or someone waiting to attack? If their head was down they would fall victim, but with their head up they could see the danger and be prepared for it. These men did not do this by happenstance, this was wisdom. And, it had been taught to them; either through experience or passed on from someone else. God wants people who are not afraid, who are courageous and willing to fight, but those people must also be wise!

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